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It was the longest 3 hours and 25 mins flight of our lives. Both Mayank & I have had our share of terrible flying experience but were never as stressed out as we were last Saturday. Our cats, Noodle & Dopey were flying with us from Austin to Santa Clara. Southwest Airlines was kind enough to have a pet policy that allowed certain pets inside the cabin.

Knowing what a spoilt brat Dopey is, we had begun training the cats to stay inside their carrier and get used to the sense of motion. We took them out every evening for a drive in preparation for last Saturday’s journey. As the days went by they acclimatized or so we thought.Our biggest worry was them playing the escape artist during security check when we would have to take them out of the carrier and through the security check. Mayank would handle Noodle while I would wrestle with feisty Dopey.

Dopey does not suffer in silence. Period! He will ensure everyone around him knows he’s unhappy. From the time we put him in the carrier early morning to the time we got into our new home, he complained. He pleaded, cajoled, cried, threatened, fought, pushed, wailed and bit. He sunk his claws and teeth into the carrier mesh every now and then, trying his level best to tear it off. He rubbed his nose against the mesh which made it turn red as a beet. If this was his “calm” self after the stress relief medicine we had given the cats, I shudder to think what he would have done otherwise.

Noodle on the other hand was a Buddha. Not a word from her. Perhaps she was contemplating digging a tunnel and escaping. Or plotting our murder while we slept.

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Every other day, Noodle and Dopey have a sparring contest. The reason could be anything- Dopey in a playful mood, Noodle in a foul mood, Dopey getting bored, Noodle snatching Dopey’s toy. In short they get into a fight very often. At times several times a day. It’s not a playful kitty scrap. Even though it lasts briefly, the vehemence with which they attack each other is not lost.

A typical Round I match begins by Dopey attacking Noodle from behind, thus having an unfair advantage. But in no time, Noodle’s shaken him off and he’s lying on his back. From then on he’s lost the round. Noodle rains blows on him left, right and centre. Dopey can barely manage to save his face. And after a knock-out punch Noodle haughtily walks away while Dopey is left to wonder where he needs to improve upon next time.

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Noodle loves to fool people with her looks. But I know that behind this ninja look lies a very timid and good natured cat. She’s afraid of loud noises, the sound of running water, sudden movements, clothes hanger, CDs, in short everything that looks unfamiliar. Her avoidance tactics include sinking deeper into her cat bad, hiding in the closet among clothes from where only her eyes can be seen or going into the fireplace(no fire of course) where she is perfectly¬†camouflaged.

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I see a clear bias developing in the cats. Noodle who spends most of her time ignoring my existence is suddenly transformed into Mayank’s girl the moment he comes back from work. Without giving him a moment’s rest she attaches herself to Mayank’s legs, looks up at him and demands to be petted rather loudly. More so when he’s working on his physiotherapy exercises at home. Noodle just won’t rest until he’s petted her and picked her up. She also stalks him to the kitchen and demands her share of whatever he’s having. Which he gladly obliges. From my seat I can see her arched back, raised tail and constant weaving in and out between Mayank’s legs. A spoilt girl she is.

Dopey on the other hand is my ardent follower, even to the bathroom. A bundle of energy that he is, he often does not let me do much other than play with him. So I have to lock him out of a room often. And thereafter begins his piteous meows. As if he’s missing out on all the fun. Every morning like a clockwork he starts his meowing ritual outside the bedroom door. Once let in, he immediately jumps on the bed and begins to head-butt me on my face-his way of saying “wake up and pet me”. Shortly, he collapses very near to my feet and does not wake up until it’s breakfast time.

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It’s stressful at times to live in a house owned by cats. In between their nap time and food time, they like to run around, at each others heals, biting, chewing and ostensibly playing. Not only do they create a huge ruckus, they almost always disturb the human who might be trying to get some work done. They climb on the table, knock off a few things, walk all over the computer, sit on it and refuse to budge. The younger one often escapes carrying in his mouth, the pen or pencil that the human was working with.

Several hours pass, before the two fall asleep and silence reigns in the house.

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