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I see a clear bias developing in the cats. Noodle who spends most of her time ignoring my existence is suddenly transformed into Mayank’s girl the moment he comes back from work. Without giving him a moment’s rest she attaches herself to Mayank’s legs, looks up at him and demands to be petted rather loudly. More so when he’s working on his physiotherapy exercises at home. Noodle just won’t rest until he’s petted her and picked her up. She also stalks him to the kitchen and demands her share of whatever he’s having. Which he gladly obliges. From my seat I can see her arched back, raised tail and constant weaving in and out between Mayank’s legs. A spoilt girl she is.

Dopey on the other hand is my ardent follower, even to the bathroom. A bundle of energy that he is, he often does not let me do much other than play with him. So I have to lock him out of a room often. And thereafter begins his piteous meows. As if he’s missing out on all the fun. Every morning like a clockwork he starts his meowing ritual outside the bedroom door. Once let in, he immediately jumps on the bed and begins to head-butt me on my face-his way of saying “wake up and pet me”. Shortly, he collapses very near to my feet and does not wake up until it’s breakfast time.

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