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After much anticipation I have become the mami (not mummy :P) of a handsome boy. My nephew was supposed to be a January baby but I guess he could not wait any longer and out he came into this world in the last week of December. The fragility of a new born fascinates me. It’s incredible to think a small helpless thing as a baby would grow up into something as large as a human. I feel the same when I see new born kittens with no hair or eyes no bigger than a rat. Desperate for warmth they cling to each other. Even then they are unbelievably adorable. Off I go again with cats, kitten, puppies, dogs, etc etc……

Ok, welcome back. So now that I have all the privileges of being a mami and non of his mom’s duties, I think I shall spoil the boy horribly. Mayank often proclaims I am a pathetic parent to the cats – spoiling them no end with zero discipling and complete pampering. As a result Dopey has become a whiner.

Anyways, I made this new born gift for my nephew. I found all the patterns online. The kimono is a simple straightforward knit, front open, perfect for a quick wrap around the baby. The cap and the baby booties are crocheted.  The wool is 100% Andean wool, perfect for freezing Delhi winter.

And here’s the matching beanie cap and booties to go with it.

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