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What a Sunday it was!

Responding to a medical emergency we rushed to the hospital and had the patient admitted. ┬áThe doctor went over his abdomen and sure enough could feel something stuck. Hmm, she was 90% sure but needed an x-ray to be so completely. The patient would also need IV fluids and would have to be “under observation” for the next 12 hours. In case his condition deteriorated during that time, surgery would need to be done on him.

The patient was our 7 month old kitten Dopey. The dog that he is, he had swallowed a 3ft long piece of yarn the night before. Blissfully unaware we realized the misdeed only when Dopey vomited his gut out the next day and we could not find the yarn in the drawer(it’s usual place). It had to be Dopey. It was his nature to swallow everything within his reach.

So even though, the culprit showed no signs of illness due to the ingestion, online resources warned us of dire consequences of the intestine folding around the yarn, of the yarn cutting through the intestine and other horror stories. A call to the hospital confirmed it was indeed an emergency. I had visions of what that horrible yarn was doing to my kitten’s intestines. We took off to the hospital like a bat out of hell.

Twelve hours in the hospital did nothing to dampen Dopey’s spirits. The hospital staff had to put on a “cone of shame” around his head to prevent him from tearing apart his IV drip. Several hundred dollars poorer, we were advised to wait and watch when we came to pick him the next day. Within an hour of reaching home Dopey pooped out the whole yarn. What relief!

But now I can’t find the safety pin! Darn that cat!

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