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Gym partners

Mayank and I are members of 24Hr Fitness. Twice a week we go there; I to shrink my tummy and Mayank to develop his hamstrings so he his 50 year old knee does not buckle the next time he plays soccer. How nice is it to be gym partners too we thought!

I see little gain in doing push ups, lunges and squats each of Mayank’s favorites. And I refuse to tire my body out while doing chin ups. So Mayank has to bear the brunt of my weight going up and down the machine all the while shouting out encouragements. I am obsessed about my abs and so try to pack in as many crunches or ab exercises as possible, something that Mayank tries to avoid. And while he labors on his chin ups with my “support”, I am busy checking out the dance class in the training room.

I hope one day Mayank and I will work out in tandem. Until then we must keep trying.

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