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After much anticipation I have become the mami (not mummy :P) of a handsome boy. My nephew was supposed to be a January baby but I guess he could not wait any longer and out he came into this world in the last week of December. The fragility of a new born fascinates me. It’s incredible to think a small helpless thing as a baby would grow up into something as large as a human. I feel the same when I see new born kittens with no hair or eyes no bigger than a rat. Desperate for warmth they cling to each other. Even then they are unbelievably adorable. Off I go again with cats, kitten, puppies, dogs, etc etc……

Ok, welcome back. So now that I have all the privileges of being a mami and non of his mom’s duties, I think I shall spoil the boy horribly. Mayank often proclaims I am a pathetic parent to the cats – spoiling them no end with zero discipling and complete pampering. As a result Dopey has become a whiner.

Anyways, I made this new born gift for my nephew. I found all the patterns online. The kimono is a simple straightforward knit, front open, perfect for a quick wrap around the baby. The cap and the baby booties are crocheted.  The wool is 100% Andean wool, perfect for freezing Delhi winter.

And here’s the matching beanie cap and booties to go with it.

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After I completed my last crochet project which was the Catherine/Pin Wheel stich baby blanket I told myself I would not pick up the crochet hook for a month at least. What an underestimation of  the addiction called crocheting, that was! Three days later, I ordered a new set of yarn. And while it shipped I began making a simple cowl using the same Pin Wheel Stitch I used to make the baby blanket.

I used regular yarn from Walmart, actually leftovers from a previous bag project. It’s 100% acrylic so I am a bit unsure of it’s use during the harsh winter months. Here’s how it looks. The supermodel in the picture below is yours truly 🙂

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There seemed to be an inverse relation between the time at my disposal and the portion of a baby blanket that remained to be crocheted. For the second time in a row I was rushing to finish my blanket project. While in the first case the baby decided to come out a few weeks earlier, this time, I wanted to hand over the finished product to one of Mayank’s uncles who was visiting his brother in Austin and who in turn would hand it over to Mayank’s dad or sister in Delhi. No the baby(my nephew/niece) isn’t due anytime soon. But why take chances?

It took me five days to complete it from start to finish. As is always the case I started off with a feeling of having ample time. But by day three I realized I needed to put in more than an hour daily. Measuring 150cm* 100cm, the blanket was a lot bigger than the usual baby blanket. It was Mayank’s input. Surely, I would not make a “lungi” that the baby would outgrow in 6 months!

The wool was from Turkey. Soft and colorful it was ideal for baby projects. I used two shades for the pattern to stand out. I must acknowledge it’s one of the best crochet patterns. The possibilities of using that stitch are infinite. There are two variations of the same pattern, one calls for 12 stitches and the other 10. I used the second one. This pattern is also known as Pin Wheel stitch. There are many videos available online for both the patterns.

This is how the blanket looks. I was in such tearing hurry I could just about manage to take one picture from my 50mm lens. Hence the cropped look.

I had to keep my eyes peeled to protect the yarn from the mischievous cats. While I could shoo away Dopey and easily distract him with his toy mouse, a string, a shred of paper or whatever, Noodle the wily cat was difficult to give the boot. She sat beside me with her nose a millimeter away from the yarn but did not do anything else. I suppose she didn’t want to give me a chance to scold her but the instant I looked away she chomped down on the yarn. When I looked back she immediately released it. Only when I came across to the wet spot(s) of yarn while working on it did I realize what that crafty little cat was up to.

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Fall is just around the corner. After days of searing heat rainy days are at last here. In a week or two fall would officially have begun. This hardly means anything in a state that remains pretty much the same throughout the year. Non the less there are two places in Texas where one can see fall colors. One of them called Lost Maples Park is about 4 hours from Austin. We plan to go camping one weekend in November. (more…)

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Going a back in time, this was my first project after I picked up the hook in Austin. I was browsing through the crochet websites and youtube when I came across this pattern. I immediately fell for it. I love the lacy feel of the stitch and the fact that the pattern would look as good on a fine yarn as on a thick one. I got myself some cotton yarn and began making this runner. Our dining table here is made of wood. I thought the maroon color of yarn would go well with it.

I am happy that our cats have not taken to playing with the ends of this runner. I don’t think it would have survived even a day otherwise.

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Summer Dreams

These days we spend an hour or so in the evening watching a movie or documentary on netflix. Though I like to make myself comfy and snuggle up beside my hubby it amounts to me sitting idle. And that bothers me. I feel I should be utilizing my hands to make something useful. So I do not remember the last time I sat quietly watching TV or a movie at home.

These days I have taken to crocheting with a gusto. Almost all my spare time is spent in making half double crochets and double crochet. The rest I try to balance between photography and books. I will talk about that later.
So here’s the first useful article I made : a dishcloth. I used left over yarn from earlier projects and I got the pattern from a booklet that came with the yarn. The pattern called for two stitches(dcfp&dcbp) which I had no idea of. But it took me about 5 minutes to figure it out thanks to the omniscient www.

While watching TV my hands work in automation. That leaves my mind to focus on the movie instead of bugging Mayank to pause it and fill up on the story up till that point. For a very patient man that annoys him no end. The best thing about such “useful” projects is that it’s quick and easy to make, usually completed by the time we are done with the movie.

Here’s how they look stacked up:

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New crochet project

A few weeks ago I purchased this book titled ” Loop d-Loop Crochet” by Teva Durham. The designs are beautiful and so is the choice of colors by the designer. Even though I wanted to start crocheting immediately, I could not find the time to do so. I finally purchased a couple of skeins from yarncountry and am set to go. For starters I have picked up a simple and easy design. I shall upload the pictures as soon as I am done. See you until then. I might post pictures of a couple of other things that I have crocheted but those were made earlier this year.

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For Adi

The past few weeks I have been working on making a baby blanket for my yet to be born nephew Adi. I had given myself two weeks to finish the blanket, just in time for his birthday. While I was eager to start the project I did not anticipate it would take so long to finish. Even after ten days it was only about 40% complete. To make matters more rushed, Adi chose to appear a few days before the due date. Furiously crocheting, I cut down on all other activities.

While making this I ran out of yarn midway. Like only a novice does I did not purchase sufficient yarn to complete the project at one go. Now not only was I delayed, I was also afraid that there would be significant difference in color in the new lot that I got. So we ran from store to store for the perfect lot. My good man was at his patient best loitering down the aisles of Jo Ann’s and Micheal’s while I continued my love affair with balls of yarn.

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I learnt the basics of crocheting when I was a little girl. I remember watching my mother deftly working with a crochet needle, amazed at the beautiful shawl made bit by bit. I fell in love with crochet. My mother taught me the initial basic stitches and I started out by helping her in her projects. I liked the feel of yarn between my fingers, the elegant movements of the hook. But it was not until my undergraduate days that I undertook solo projects, making bags while at home during the summer break. My friends loved my creations and I was proud of them. I liked the fact that it’s quick to see results in crochet as opposed to knitting. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing one’s work take shape.

And then I stopped. For almost six years I did not pick up a hook. I was so busy with my studies, work and other interests I completely forgot about crochet. It never once crossed my mind. Once in a while in stores I examined a bag here or a sweater there and tried to read the pattern but that was about it. Even when I had free time I did everything else but crochet. Other interests had supplanted it.

But a few months ago a visit to the craft store turned the tide for me. I randomly picked up a few balls of yarn, a needle and I was hooked. It was as if I had never stopped crocheting. I am in love again.

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