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Morning Glory

There is something magical in seeing the sun rise every morning, albiet from the kitchen window as I wait for my tea to heat up in the microwave. The world seems to be at peace. Even the cats for once are somnolent. This hour and a half before breakfast is the time that I really like, it’s totally mine. That and a hungry cat (Dopey) is what makes me get up each morning at dawn despite the incredible desire to shut off the alarm and sleep in. Some one rightly said, there is no snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast.

What do I do in that time? I grab my huge mug of green tea, my mac and slip under the bed covers. I like to be warm and cozy while I do my reading.  A daily visit to the New York Times for some serious news, and the Times of India for some tabloid stories and the latest gossip in B’Town. I religiously follow the editorial & opinion pages of NYT, Paul Krugman & Thomas Friedman’s articles and the fashion section. I almost never read the sports section unless it made it to the front page.

I have noticed a marked change in the websites I visit. From being one of the first websites I opened in the morning irrespective of the time, Facebook has now gone way to the bottom. It’s place has been taken up by blogs. I feel incomplete if I do not have my daily quota of blogs on organization, productivity, travel, cooking, personal finance, photography, technology (gadgets mainly, nothing too technical) so on and so forth. Lately, cooking has become my passion close to crocheting/knitting and taking pictures. So I have begun to stock up my pantry with all exotic spices & cheese and you can find pans of all shapes & sizes.

I admire those blogs for their content, clarity in expression, beauty, the amazing pictures and the inspiration they bring to me. I feel privileged to be able to have a peek into their lives or a part of it. There is so much to learn.

But as all good things come to an end, so does my morning hour. Hunger pang kicks in. The hubby is happy to eat cereal 365 days a year so I don’t have to worry about fixing him a breakfast. But the cats demand their second breakfast. It’s time to begin my to do list.

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After much anticipation I have become the mami (not mummy :P) of a handsome boy. My nephew was supposed to be a January baby but I guess he could not wait any longer and out he came into this world in the last week of December. The fragility of a new born fascinates me. It’s incredible to think a small helpless thing as a baby would grow up into something as large as a human. I feel the same when I see new born kittens with no hair or eyes no bigger than a rat. Desperate for warmth they cling to each other. Even then they are unbelievably adorable. Off I go again with cats, kitten, puppies, dogs, etc etc……

Ok, welcome back. So now that I have all the privileges of being a mami and non of his mom’s duties, I think I shall spoil the boy horribly. Mayank often proclaims I am a pathetic parent to the cats – spoiling them no end with zero discipling and complete pampering. As a result Dopey has become a whiner.

Anyways, I made this new born gift for my nephew. I found all the patterns online. The kimono is a simple straightforward knit, front open, perfect for a quick wrap around the baby. The cap and the baby booties are crocheted.  The wool is 100% Andean wool, perfect for freezing Delhi winter.

And here’s the matching beanie cap and booties to go with it.

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Yesterday was the ninth day of Durga Puja. I had harangued Mayank about the importance of the puja and how we should visit the pandal for at least a few hours. A non-Bengali that he is, he does not know the place Durga Puja holds in a Bengali’s heart and mind. The meaning of the sound of dhak, Aroti, Dhunichi naach every evening, Prosad, pandal hopping, gorging on street food is completely lost on him. I was determined to educate him and get him to experience Durga Puja in the best way we could in Austin.

So I looked up the place and timing for the Puja on the internet. It was being organized by Central Texas Bengali Association. Since we are in a phoren land, Indian festivals are mostly celebrated over the weekend. Compare that to five days of non stop fun in India. Just the thought depresses me no end. Anyways at least something’s better than nothing.

Austin Durga Puja was being held the coming weekend, I discovered. And we were ready to go. I had dressed up as I would have back home and got Mayank to do the same. Just before leaving, he went online to check the address of the location in order to feed it into the GPS when he discovered it was for the Puja— but three years ago in 2007!! This year’s puja was already celebrated the past weekend.

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What a Sunday it was!

Responding to a medical emergency we rushed to the hospital and had the patient admitted.  The doctor went over his abdomen and sure enough could feel something stuck. Hmm, she was 90% sure but needed an x-ray to be so completely. The patient would also need IV fluids and would have to be “under observation” for the next 12 hours. In case his condition deteriorated during that time, surgery would need to be done on him.

The patient was our 7 month old kitten Dopey. The dog that he is, he had swallowed a 3ft long piece of yarn the night before. Blissfully unaware we realized the misdeed only when Dopey vomited his gut out the next day and we could not find the yarn in the drawer(it’s usual place). It had to be Dopey. It was his nature to swallow everything within his reach.

So even though, the culprit showed no signs of illness due to the ingestion, online resources warned us of dire consequences of the intestine folding around the yarn, of the yarn cutting through the intestine and other horror stories. A call to the hospital confirmed it was indeed an emergency. I had visions of what that horrible yarn was doing to my kitten’s intestines. We took off to the hospital like a bat out of hell.

Twelve hours in the hospital did nothing to dampen Dopey’s spirits. The hospital staff had to put on a “cone of shame” around his head to prevent him from tearing apart his IV drip. Several hundred dollars poorer, we were advised to wait and watch when we came to pick him the next day. Within an hour of reaching home Dopey pooped out the whole yarn. What relief!

But now I can’t find the safety pin! Darn that cat!

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Today morning’s run was supposed to be a 10km trail around the Town Lake. It was all good until I reached the loop where I supposed to take a U turn and head back. Once there, I asked my jogging partner what now? She said we could just take a right and continue jogging down a great downhill slope all the way to the other side of the lake. Fantastic! So off we went. The thought of taking a U turn and catching with the rest of the people came to my mind but the great downhill slope beckoned.

But what my partner had forgotten to mention was that there was a terrible uphill before the downhill. Puffing and panting I scrambled up the slope. At the top it was a tad bit flat and I found my rhythm again. Pleased as a punch I contemplated what a glorious day it was, how light my legs felt, what a smooth rhythm I had fallen into. I was in the “zone” I thought. I could just run and run. Ah, the delight.

And almost immediately, there was a loud thump. My foot was caught on a corner of the pavement and down I went. Out of the zone completely with a bruised knee and palm. I was so intent on admiring the handsome golden retriever running in front of me with his owner, that I missed the raised pavement.

I suppose I have to wait another day for running in the “zone”.

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