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A long journey on road often brings out people’s story telling capabilities. And no story is more interesting than a “true” ghost story. Narration of someone’s experience with the other world is met with rapt attention and intense discussion afterwards. Often one “true” experience opens the door for other “true” experiences from others leading to a cascade of ghost stories. In no time hours and miles have passed.

This a different kind of ghost story narrated to me by a friend. Something that happened to her friend 🙂

This girl lives in Bombay and on a regular day she took an auto to go to a friend’s place. This friend lived in a regular Bombay apartment complex. So just as this girl saw her destination arriving she asked the autowallah to drop her off. He could not hear her over the traffic noise and continued driving. The traffic however slowed him down to a point where the girl, in great hurry, jumped out of the auto assuming the auto wallah would stop shortly. But the auto driver continued driving for a while, looked back at the passenger seat, saw no one and drove away like a bat out of hell shouting “Bhoot …….Bhoot”.

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